My hiStory

“Screwup” is the moniker of Yair Even-Haim, A Singer-Songwriter and Song translator.

It is named after a Screwup that happened during a surgery he had when he was 16, In which a Screw was accidentally inserted into his spinal canal, threatening his spinal cord, staying there for 9 Years. Today he wears that screw on a necklace around his neck.

Screwup’s music is mostly based around the indie-folk genre, with a stern focus on writing precise and meaningful lyrics. More often than not, following the lyrics leads to a drift and inspiration gathered from different genres – from Punk & Metal to Jazz & Hip-Hop – Musical passion leads the stylistic ways in which the songs evolve.

In late 2016 “Screwup” wrote and composed a tribute song to his favorite songwriter – Regina Spektor – that has since garnered thousands of views. Regina herself tweeted about it (“Wow…. Jack sent me this link and it totally made me cry! So FUCKIN COOL! Todah Rabah!”).

In 2017 he was the only Israeli finalist in Serj Tankian‘s 7 Notes competition (Of System of A Down fame), and in 2018 he composed the VR film “Miss Vertigo” by Rona Soffer, that was shown at Cannes Film Festival 2018.

In April 2019, just before the elections, he released his first E.P. – “Crimson (Live from the Shelter)” – that tries to decipher and shed light on the narrative that consumes Israel these days. The E.P. was recorded live whilst being filmed as a short film by Adam Robson. Now he his working on his first full length album, and his first English E.P. In September 2019 – just before the re-elections – his first single from the coming album will be released, “Am Kadoom” (Ancient People).



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